June 16, 2016

ABOUT US by david falor

david falor

The way that companies handle customer communication has changed dramatically in recent years according to David Falor. Prior to the World Wide Web, the only way for a customer to contact you was by phone or direct mail.

Today, as per David Falor, new channels have emerged and as consumers become more tech savvy, businesses are now finding themselves engaging with their customers through a wide range of digital platforms, such as web forms, email, self-service, forums and social media networks.

The biggest challenge to serving your customers in several communication channels is response time. Customers demand immediate service and slow response times of “within 24 hours” are no longer acceptable.

A Taiwanese woman with terminal cancer has inspired people from across the globe by having the courage to pursue her dream of having a wedding photo shoot, even without a significant other to share it with and david falor.


David Falor | Hospitality Leader